Call for more COPD screening for smokers By Kirsty Oswald.

Call for more COPD screening for smokers By Kirsty Oswald, medwireNews Reporter Screening smokers with spirometry for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease accumulates more situations than symptom-based detection, study suggests. The results are stated by The authors highlight the need for more screening in principal care, which is rarely used at present. Despite current and up to date GOLD [Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease] guidelines that recommend case-finding studies for early diagnosis of COPD, the present study showed that a screening program aimed at all smokers may also be a positive technique if economic resources are available, state Raul Sansores and colleagues.Lorcaserin, which Arena found out and has developed, is meant for weight management, including weight maintenance and lack of weight loss, in sufferers who are obese or individuals who are obese and have at least one weight-related co-morbid condition. ‘We think that lorcaserin includes a positive benefit-risk profile and symbolizes a potential progress in the treating obesity,’ said Jack Lief, Arena’s President and Chief Executive Officer. ‘We will work with the FDA as the agency completes its overview of the lorcaserin brand-new drug program. The FDA offers assigned a PDUFA date, the mark date for the agency to complete its review of the lorcaserin New Medication Application , of October 22, 2010.

Caregivers experience less stress when family with dementia attend Advertisements program Family caregivers of older adults with dementia are less stressed and their moods are improved in days when dementia sufferers receive adult day services , according to Penn State researchers.