California man asks barista free of charge hot water.

I ran after him and I purchased him to stop. He was saying just, ‘I’m sorry.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t desire to hear it. Do not move.’ Shortly after the incident, law enforcement arrived on the scene and arrested Lee on suspicion of electric battery. He is currently being kept at a county jail on $8,000 bail, pending his arraignment. The injured victim is being treated at the University of California currently, San Diego Medical Center. The man’s violent behavior is normally indicative of 1 of three things: He is either a inexpensive, angry person with a poor temper; a deranged lunatic with very serious mental problems; or the product of mind-altering pharmaceutical drugs or other narcotics. Officials have not yet indicated which of the three many accurately matches the profile, but the latter is usually a highly-likely scenario in light of the numerous cases of drug-induced rage which have taken place recently ( Sources because of this story include:..Bipartisan legislation internal, Senate targets violence against women worldwide Associates of the U.S. Home and Senate on Thursday presented the International Violence Against Females Act , a costs that ‘would make violence against females worldwide important of america government and a sophisticated element of its foreign plan and international assistance programmes,’ Inter Press Assistance reports .S. Celebrations,’ would allocate $175 million a season over five years ‘to go towards developing applications to fight violence against ladies in as much as 20 low-income countries where it really is a significant problem,’ Agence France-Presse reviews.S. Additionally, the legislation ‘would need that U.S. ‘Societies where females are safe, where ladies are empowered to understand their aspirations and move their communities ahead – are healthier and even more stable societies,’ Senate International Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry , a business lead sponsor of the Senate expenses, said in news release.