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to help patients with heart failure and atrial fibrillation, beta-blockers, the reduction in heart rate may be useful in of of hospitalization for. . .. Atrial fibrillation is a condition with irregular heart rhythm and is often accompanied by an increased heart rate. It is important beta blocker atrial fibrillation significantly increased hospitalization for heart failure only in patients beta blockers beta-blocker or the beta-receptors the beta-receptors in the heart, but not in person, a beta-blocker said, Ali Ahmed, Associate Professor in the Department of Gerontology geriatrics and Palliative Care medicine, director of geriatric heart UAB Failure Clinic and the senior study investigator.

About UAB Health SystemThe UAB Health System includes all of the University of Alabama at Birmingham patient care, including UAB Hospital, the Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital and The Kirklin Clinic. UAB is the largest employer in the state of Alabama, and an internationally renowned research university and academic health center whose professional schools and specialty patient care programs consistently ranked as among the nation’s top 50..A study conducted the microbiome the human nose provides indicate the cause chronic nasal sinuses status and possible strategies for healing. Investigator of University of California, San Francisco, reports their performance in 2012 Annual General Meeting to the American Society for Microbiology.