Both represent market leadership for chloramine contamination reduction.

‘We are pleased to offer a full type of chloramine-reducing items for the home.’ Consumers will no longer wait for water to drip through a filter. The system can filtration system one half-gallon in about one minute. The system fits on the counter top and can be kept in the refrigerator once filtered. Aquasana's sleek design means contaminants stay in the filter, thus consumers only see healthy, clean water. Aquasana's under-the-counter program, the AQ-5300, is the brand's most powerful water filter. What the brand calls the most cost-effective, filtering in the D-I-Y segment is normally NSF-certified to eliminate 97 % of chloramines and 99 % of chlorine.In a landmark research released in the journal Research in 1992, Burnett and his Johns Hopkins co-author, Solomon S. Snyder, M.D., professor of neuroscience , showed for the first time that nitric oxide is usually produced in penile cells. Their study demonstrated the key function of nitric oxide as a neurotransmitter responsible for triggering erections. Related StoriesNew study finds five different types of prostate cancerHIFU Prostate Solutions announces groundbreaking partnerships to offer prostate cancer treatmentsUCLA research finds price variation across entire treatment process for low-risk prostate cancers’Now, twenty years later, we know that nitric oxide isn’t a blip right here or there just, but rather it initiates a cyclic program that continues to produce waves of the neurotransmitter from the penile nerves,’ says Burnett.