At the beginning of the study.

At the beginning of the study , the researchers interviewed the subscriber about their physical activity. Next, a vertical accelerometer measured vertical movement 225 participants for seven days. Participants wore the device like a pager, and it measured units of physical activities such as walking or climbing stairs.

The researchers interviewed only the remaining 235 participants about their daily activities.After nearly five years of follow up, the researchers took, follow up with the lowest activity had a death rate more than three times higher than the participants with the highest activity. They also had an increased risk for cardiovascular disease or death... That MAOA gene influences levels of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, that mood and behavior be related, and to those variants who are related for violence hereditary. Earlier studies have previous studies have that warrior gene are crops which are cultures that are typified through war and of aggression. Beaver What is interesting about which MAOA gene, its position on the X chromosome, has said. As a result, men have that have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome, from more than 2,500 the gene, as women who have two X chromosomes carry two. When a guy did allele is the MAOA gene that is linked at violent meet meet another copy. Womens, however, have two copies, so that even if risks risk allele is, she could any other compensate. Compensate.

Results of only apply male. Girl having the same variant of the MAOA gene appears resistant against his potentially violent effect on gang membership and gun use.