Asparagus might make urine smell funny.

The reason urine smells different after eating asparagus Regarding to Dr. Roshini Raj, associate professor of medication at New York University Langone INFIRMARY, Your body breaks down asparagus during digestion into sulfur-containing chemicals that provide your urine a distinctive odor. Furthermore, the World’s Healthiest Foods internet site states that people is going on eating the vegetable despite the smell in urine that often develops after intake since no studies show a correlation between consuming the food, the urine smell, and any resulting health threats.A complete of 155 weight reduction surgery patients took component in the study, 100 of whom had been treated with LRYGB and 55 with LAGB. They finished two questionnaires at baseline before medical operation and at each follow-up , detailing their consuming and weight measurements along with compulsive behaviors. The rate of recurrence of any substance make use of decreased considerably between baseline and four weeks postsurgery, remained steady at 3 months, and then was considerably increased by two years weighed against the 1-, 3 – and 6-month follow ups, record Conason et al.