Antibiotic resistance

CDC to award $2M grant to keep CARPE system in preventing healthcare-associated infections The federal Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance is awarding researchers at the Cook County Health & Hospitals Program and Rush University Medical Center a $2 million grant to continue a successful program aimed at preventing healthcare-associated infections, antibiotic resistance, and other adverse events connected with healthcare. The task, dubbed the Chicago Antimicrobial Level of resistance and Infection Prevention Epicenter , is one of only five CDC Prevention Epicenters in the united states. Rush and Make County were selected to take part in the program because the two institutions have a long standing up collaboration and legacy of study innovation in antimicrobial resistance and infection prevention by internationally known infectious disease specialists .

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The first version targets comparative filtering of genomic variations, giving scientists an easy and easy method to do functional classification and filtering of SNPs or various other kind of genomic variations, using multiple data sources, including external general public databases. This framework offers users an easy and easy method to do further downstream analyses and to combine them with existing understanding. Director of Scientific Software program Solutions at CLC bio, Dr. Roald Forsberg, states, This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Individual Genome Project. Over these 10 years, we’ve seen fantastic developments in genome biology based on this remarkable achievement. However, genome informatics continues to be lacking behind the biological discoveries especially since the advent of next generation DNA sequencing.