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Through this assessment program we can help people become educated on the risk factors, identify people contaminated with HCV and help them obtain linked to appropriate care.2 million Americans possess hepatitis C and the vast majority will not know it,’ stated Dr. Willis C. Maddrey, President of the Chronic Liver Disease Basis. ‘However, new therapies are available that may effectively treat and get rid of hepatitis C now. Each year, about 17,000 Americans become contaminated with hepatitis C. Up to 75 % of individuals with chronic hepatitis C infection were born during 1945-1965, and up to three out of four people infected with hepatitis C don’t realize their infections.My mom said I possibly could get on contraceptive, but would that actually help for cramps? – Tysha* Lots of ladies get cramps at the beginning of their periods. Sometimes, medicine like ibuprofen can help . Getting regular exercise may also help reduce cramps in a few women. Soaking in a warm bath or placing a warm compress on your own stomach won’t make cramps disappear, but may help your muscles relax a little. It might sound strange, but when these procedures don’t work, contraceptive pills can in fact help with cramps — and are often prescribed because of this. Birth control pills work because they lower the amount of prostaglandins — chemical substances your body produces to help make the muscle tissue of the uterus agreement.