Although this improvement was not significant statistically.

At least 70 % of the patients in this research experienced spread of their cancer tumor to other parts of the body, a process that is called systemic metastasis. Future trials should emphasize novel systemic treatments to reduce systemic metastases and contemporary image-guided radiation to prevent local recurrence while reducing radiation-related toxic effects.?.. Chemotherapy with chemoradiation for pancreatic tumor has small survival benefit The addition of the drug gemcitabine with chemoradiation for the treating patients who had medical procedures for pancreatic cancer was associated with a survival benefit, although this improvement was not significant statistically, according to a report in the March 5 issue of JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association.Claire Kruger, CEO of Spherix. Preliminary outcomes from our single-blinded Stage 2 medical trial in diabetes present that low dosages of D-tagatose considerably lowered triglyceride amounts in people with just mildly elevated triglyceride amounts. We are self-confident that clinical trials focused on evaluating D-tagatose in sufferers with moderately or extremely elevated triglycerides will replicate or also improve on those outcomes. Assuming an identical reduction in triglycerides sometimes appears inside our Phase 3 scientific study in diabetes, that data will be exposed this summer later, we anticipate creating a second, uniquely-different item for industry, said Dr.