AIDS vaccine research on which billions of dollars of U.

Taxpayer money were spent react wrote, it is simply irresponsible for the U.S. Government to continue financing such a waste, while millions of people around the world for lack of access to AIDS research breakthrough ‘ die back is – life-saving antiretroviral treatment ‘(Kaiser Daily HIV / AIDS Report, after Baltimore, Berkley and Millikan is AHF view a’misinterpretation ‘of the situation, although the recent Merck trial of an experimental vaccine against HIV is not the effectiveness to show the effectiveness ‘, it was not a failure as an attempt to ‘note the authors added, knowing that ‘what is not doing useful because it informs further research. ‘.. The authors came to an April 4 Times guest article by AIDS Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein that AHF believes that ‘light from more than 20 years, AIDS vaccine research on which billions of dollars of U.S.

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