According to a multicenter research posted in the American Heart Journal.

Chelation therapy and nutritional vitamin supplements cut cardiovascular disease risk by over 25 percent A combination of high-dose multivitamins and chelation therapy may protect heart attack survivors from future cardiovascular events and loss of life, according to a multicenter research posted in the American Heart Journal . Intravenous chelation, in which the chemical ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is normally injected in to the bloodstream to be able to bind to nutrients and help flush them from your body, is an FDA-accepted treatment for rock poisoning that was initially used during World Battle I. Since 1956, practitioners of complementary and option medicine have utilized chelation for various other purposes, including to take care of atherosclerotic disease , partly based on the idea that the therapy might help flush out the mineral deposits that result in arterial hardening.

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Chemistry Council trying to lobby Washington to cut off funding for analysis on carcinogens Every two years, the Nationwide Toxicology Program , which operates beneath the banner of the Department of Health and Individual Services , releases a congressionally-mandated statement entitled the ‘Report about Carcinogens’ that identifies various brokers, substances, mixtures, or exposures that are known to cause cancer. But the American Chemical Culture , which represents many of the biggest names in the cancer-leading to chemical industry, is currently trying to lobby Congress to stop the publishing of this important document.