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As part of a multi-phased program, Affinity Health Plan’s Information Management division rolled out the initial stage of the EDI option in January 2012. Affinity historically had numerous data extract and analytic reporting processes which were isolated within specific business areas. This limited the business enterprise user’s access to essential information, resulting in impeded enterprise-wide sharing of info, data redundancy and high costs. For the initial phase, Claraview successfully delivered a data model with over 800 exclusive data elements, a data dictionary made up of standardized business definitions, and over 30 business cleverness reports and dashboards. This answer combined data from 10 disparate resource systems to supply Affinity’s business users with a one-stop look for claim, supplier, membership/premium, pharmacy and behavioral health information.It causes the blood vessels in your body to constrict, which decreases the supply of blood oxygen and stream to the heart muscle. It also escalates the demand on your own heart. So, your blood circulation pressure goes up as well as your heart rate rises. Narula said that the supply-demand mismatch is what puts you at risk for a heart attack. Furthermore, she said the cold weather can make your bloodstream thicker, bringing about clots that can make you more prone to heart stroke and attack. Also, it isn’t just the cold weather that can cause problems, however the shorter, darker days could also leave their mark.