56 percent of patients getting ANA598 plus SOC achieved undetectable levels of virus at week 4.

The results announced today are from a planned interim evaluation following four weeks of dosing in the first of two planned dose cohorts. 44 sufferers in the first cohort received at least one dose of study medications, 29 receiving ANA598 and 15 getting placebo. Two patients who withdrew consent during the first week of dosing for factors unrelated to ANA598 are excluded from the evaluation of antiviral response but contained in the safety database. Reported antiviral response data is as of week 4.In a recent column at WorldNetDaily, Norris explains to readers why we should all band and battle as you to protect our health and wellness freedoms together, which are disappearing right before our eyes quickly. Citing the near-total dominance in the US of GMO staple crops like corn, soy, and canola, Norris paints a grim picture of the sizable beast we face currently. Nearly three-quarters of all the processed meals consumed by Americans contains GMOs, however the vast majority of individuals are completely unaware of this because there are no GMO labeling laws and regulations – – and all attempts to enact GMO labeling laws thus far have failed. After that, there is the issue of Codex Alimentarius, the global world food code that threatens to regulate what we eat, and eliminate our freedom to get vitamins and supplements.