February 2018

Shri Kaya Kalp can be an Delhi structured Ayurveda panchkarma middle and Teaching Institute offering Ayurvedic remedies and various schooling programmes in Ayurveda. The clinic presents Panchkarma therapies like, Vaman, […]

George Adams, will show Amorfix’s EP-vCJD blood screening test for variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease at the 6th World Federation of Hemophilia Global Discussion board on the Basic safety and Supply of […]

‘A far more promising line of enquiry, nevertheless, is if the physical punishment of kids works well.’ A recently published evaluation in CMAJ and Difficult Airway Blades . Video laryngoscopy […]

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria causing epidemic of infant deaths in India might spread globally An antibiotic-resistant ‘superbug’ epidemic which is normally killing a large number of newborns in India may prove to […]