February 2017

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Professor Martin Buck, director of the Imperial Division of Biology and one of the paper co-author, adds that understanding how this process works in bacterial cells is of particular interest […]

Italian researchers have now discovered, function of function of the RNA fragments, as 38A, which comes from a non-coding portion of the gene encoding the protein KCNIP4. KCNIP4 helps ensure […]

Health personnel in the U.S. And Mexico, more comprehensive programs to fight the spread of HIV among migrant workers, the record reports have emerged. Health officials in San Joaquin County […]

Patients receiving chemotherapy, immunosuppressive drugs or with diseases that can weaken the immune system especially vulnerable to flu, whether the ordinary variety or deadlier types. Will will examine how such […]

State-of – the-art of the research presented at the workshop and in sessions here addressed topics such as viral reservoirs and sanctuary sites genetic determinants of viral control, the problem […]