January 2017

Women who were obese and overweight, were at higher risk for severe asthma attacks, shown by urgent doctor visits and hospital stays. The authors said: All measures of obesity were […]

Action on the social determinants of health supplements the work of the WHO in the treatment coverage for HIV / AIDS to expand, malaria and other diseases. That that as […]

AARP also launching a national effort to the overwhelming bipartisan majority of the House of Representatives and the Senate passed the bill and ask them to have their support in […]

Cortisol, the key stress hormone, is It the brain. It in turn influenced genes in the brain. The chemical messengers in the brain – including brain serotonin in control of […]

The user-led charity which celebrated her diamond jubilee in 2007 and pre-dates the NHS by one year suggest an emerging field the coveted award. The coveted award. Fellow short-listers were […]

Control Avandia primary competitor, Actos. ‘The European Medicines Agency announced its intention marketing of Avandia throughout the European Union to suspend. ‘In both cases, the new rules will not take […]