2 copies to the Secretary of State for Health.

2 copies to the Secretary of State for Health, speech before the UKPHA forum are from Department of Health Media Center.

He says, WHO has his first public response about the influenza A outbreak on the 24th and held its first emergency meeting the next day that was struck 18 days after Mexican health authorities first alarm locally Until then, virus had in Mexico the borders of the United States was common when the USA confirmed seven cases of influenza A that commenced on 24 international organizations to react quickly. While it is difficult the hazy the hazy chronology of events, the Mexican experience delays and apparent defects in proceedings disease outbreaks can be seen as in the International Health Regulations severe acute respiratory syndrome 2007, to strengthen the WHO responsiveness to the epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome target set.‘.. Highlight the majority of European citizens argue in favor smoke-free environments, be presented the results of a new Euro barometer survey at tobacco by the EU Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou in the European Parliament World No Smoking Day 31 The overwhelming majority from 88 percent support for smoke-free office space, indoor workplaces and public places – a slight increase compared at last year’s survey . The survey also reveals in that one in three smokers who tries. Into the past 12 months However, over 70 percent of them have returned to the habit at less than two months. That that the EU anti-smoking campaign ‘HELP – For a life without tobacco ‘, on 31st support an support an e-mail counseling on stop smoking quit smoking.

Four out of five Europeans are aware in that second-hand Rauch can cause health problems. In fact, think a 3 percent of European citizens that environmental tobacco smoke even at all.